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. >>> the vicious flu season has claimed two more victims in the bay area. new at noon, janine de la vega joins us from sunshine with what we know about these latest death -- from san jose with what we know about these latest deaths. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. a news conference will be held here to tell us more about the two men who died from the flu. we have limited information. we know both men were homeless and under the age of 65. we don't know if they were vaccinated. health officials say it's not too late to get vaccinated for the flu. flu clinics have been held in recent weeks like this one in kaiser santa clara, the flu has reached epidemics, calling hundreds of people since 2009. a new report for the centers for disease control says there's been a slight decrease with 42 cases reporting widespread activity. that's down from 47 states from the previous report. doctors warn the country is not out of the clear. eight children died in the last week, bringing the total deaths of children in the country to 45. now, back out here live, here in california, we are not one of the
three dead and several others injured. sal castaneda joins us now from the newsroom with more on the suspect and his dangerous crime spree. >> reporter: tory, the suspect is a tomorrow los angeles police officer who was fired in 2008 for making false statements. he is suspected of killing two people over the weekend and then shooting and killing a riverside police officer this morning. 33-year-old christopher dorner is described as an african american man, 6'0," 270 pounds, last seen driveing a gray nissan pickup truck. he was seen here with then police chief william bratton, the police advisor relm hired by oakland. police say his crime spree began sunday night when he shot and killed a woman, monica kwan, the daughter of former police captain and her fiance, a 27-year-old man. last night police say he attempted to steal a boat from the harbor but was unsuccessful. now steal on the run dorner shot at 4 police officers at two separate locations ambushing and killing a riverside officer at a traffic light and injuring another. dorner is said to have a vendetta against all law e
to go. >> reporter: now, in petaluma, the rain was steady. we spoke to one man who has a farm e told us this long-await -- farm. he told us this long-awaited rain helps his animals. >> i have 13 horses. yeah. other people help me out. i use some of their fields to put my horses in, the older horses and so this is great. yeah. i love it. >> i love it. >> reporter: how come? >> it's still winter. i enjoy the rain. i used to live in oregon. i like it. >> reporter: now, this week's rain is not expected to bring the bay area back to the normal totals for the year. back in december, we experienced heavy rain but there's little isn't there. it's cold enough to snow right now on mount st. helena. tonight it's supposed to dip to freezing at the top of mt. diablo. we'll be monitoring that and let you know what areas received the blunt of mother nature's blow. we're live in walnut creek, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >>> this morning, wet roads were likely to blame for a dramatic accident in rohnert park. it happened at 8:on snidered lane. the female -- 8:00 on snyder lan
the ending they had opened. ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live from the headquarters where the team gathered one final time. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. today was the last day as the santa clara training facility. the players flew back from new orleans last night and they arrived here to clean out their lockers. they cleaned out the lockers and said goodbye, joked around with the press, suitcases wering ad. for some this could have been the last time they had a shot of winning it all. some even thanked the fans. >> it's gone take a lot of hard work like it did this past year. we'll just have to do more and make sure we win. >> it wasn't our time. it wasn't our time. last year, we made some progress from where we were. this year we -- grow progress from where we were. this year we made more progress. >> i love all of the fans standing out. and i love all of the fans who have been here from the beginning and who are still here. >> reporter: jim harbaugh spent a little time breaking down the last few day plays of the game saying he wish he would have tried a differe
walker joins us live from fairfield where police just held a press conference. noel. >> reporter: tory coming to you live from the chambers where they just ap wrapped up. this is the photo of the suspect, his name is anthony lamar jones, 32 years old from fairfield, he was arrested for that. she was found a week ago today, her naked body found in a park by a passerby. today they released scant details still keeping things close to the vest but here is what they had to say minutes ago. >> jones was identified as a suspect early on in this case, since that time he has been under 24 hour surveillance, therefore there was no danger to public during the investigation. we have evidence linking jones to this homicide and we believe at this time he acted alone and there are no other suspects named in this case. >> now jones was found in fairfield. he was arrested at 7:00 this morning. as you heard after being under 24 hour surveillance, so as police said no danger to anyone else in the community. i did ask police if this case was linked to another one a year ago. jessica funk has lem was a gir
's father. he joins us live now. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. hillside is closed. just on the other side of the fence police say an 18-year-old was killed. we just spoke to the victim's father and he had stuff to say to us a few moments ago. alameda county sheriff's deputies say foster was shot in the bock multiple times at about 9:00 last night after -- in the back multiple times at about 9:00 last night after he was hear playing dice with people. >> i heard two shouts. there was a -- shots. there was two and then a pause and then two more. >> reporter: they were on campus after hours playing dice even though the gates are locked. one family member came looking for foster after he didn't come home. this woman who lives close to the school says she will never forget when deputies informed the mother of the victim. >> i guess the police told her it was hill and just to hear her screaming was like nails on chalkboard. it was horrific. it was something out of a horror movie. >> reporter: foster's friend showed up last night and into the morning saying they are devast
joins us from the newsroom to let us know that broken glass injured a lot of people. lorraine? >> reporter: almost a thousand people, tori. the reason for that in many cases, people saw the brilliant light, ran to their windows to see what it was and within a minute their windows shattered with the sonic bomb. it reminds many of us of a scene from a sci-fi movie. but the very real damage from this 11-ton meteorite shocked people around the world. >> translator: after the flash nothing happened for about three minutes and then we rushed outdoors. >> reporter: about a thousand people suffered injuries, mostly from shattered glass. the space rock about the size of an suv entered the earth's atmosphere at sunrise. faster than the speed of sound at least 33,000 miles an hour. scientists think it shattered in pieces. >> usually what happens, the rock comes into space, it hits the atmosphere, and then that puts a lot of stress on it and it's likely to shatter into pieces. >> reporter: russian emergency officials say hospitals are packed with adults and children. although these meteor
over guns and ammo is heating up in san francisco. new at noon sal castaneda joins us live with the new proposals that could be the target of lawsuits. we understand a vote has just been taken. >> reporter: that's right, tori,es a expected the committee did move that vote out of committee and if approved and it is approved by the full board of supervisors, if it is approved it would change the way ammo is bought and sold in san francisco. the mayor and the police chief and supervisor are pushing legislation to ban the sale of certain types of ammo and keep track of anyone who buys more than a certain amount. under the new rules hollow point bullets and bullets that expand after being fired would not be legal within the city and county of san francisco. the mayor says that type of ammo has no place in the city and the supervisor says momentum began to build to make changes after knee mass shootings at a connecticut elementary school. >> is this reactionary? no. but oftentimes in order to have quality conversations we need a trigger . and that provided a trigger for us to galvanize suppor
be released today. brian flores joins us live to let us know why even prosecutors now say the inmate should be cleared. >> reporter: right, tori, ronald ross spend close to 7 years at the prison for a crime that both sides say he was never a part of. we spoke with his mother this afternoon and she says she could not be any more happier. >> i am overwhelmed. i am just praising the lord or jesus christ or lord and savior that he touched the hearts and souls of people to understand and read and see that ronald was innocent. >> reporter: now cameras were not allowed in the courtroom during the hearing today so these are photos of ronald before he was wrongly convicted. these are provided to us by a group called the innocence project at santa clara university. who about 4 years ago looked at his case and says he was innocent. ross was convicted in 2006 for a shooting in oakland but the victim back then picked ross out of a photo line up but now says he never believed ross was the shooter and he was pressured by police and feared the real gunman would come after him. several years later he will b
-host stacy london. join us for that. and madeleine stowe will join us. have a great weekend. [applause] >>> we'll be live with the coast guard with continuing coverage on the search for a family missing at sea. >>> dramatic video of a major bay area fire and who investigators say caused it. >>> plus -- brand-new polls with people and gun control. >>> the ocean search for two adults and two children reported missing at sea, we're live with the latest. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. >>> the search continues for a missing family that abandoned ship yesterday afternoon. the focus of the search is off san mateo and santa cruz counties. ktvu's brian flores joins us live from the coast guard station on yerba buena island. he just got a new piece of audio related to the story. brian? >> reporter: hi, tori. good afternoon. we have the audio. we'll hear it in a second. the silver lining, this continues to be a search-and- rescue mission. the coast guard recently released a five-second transfrom -- transmission from the boat. take a listen. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning ship.
are not cheap. it costs $35,000 to fix one meter. caltrans is using aluminum wire instead of copper and putting some control boxes underground. >>> tonight, b.a.r.t. is holding the first of a series of community meetings to discuss a new law that would severely punish b.a.r.t. criminals. the new law would implement a man up to one year for riders who deface property or are violent. the law is scheduled to go into effect in may. >>> a new $1 million reward has prompted hundreds of tips to searches searching for fired los angeles police officer christopher dorner. miguel marquez joins us live from los angeles as the manhunt continues. good afternoon, miguel. >> reporter: hi, how are you there? yeah, the police are announcing that the tactical alert for the los angeles police department has been turned off at this point because they don't have as many calls coming in around the christopher dorner issue. but 600 leads they are chasing down. hundreds of investigators going through that. but so far, no really hot intense leads that investigators seem to have at the moment that the trail up in san ber
for help. using c-130 airplanes and coast guard cutters, searchers have scoured the ocean since sunday looking for a family who supposedly abandoned their sinking sale boat 65 miles off the monterey coast. nothing has been found in the water. today the search was called off. the coast guard commander said they are trying to figure out if this was a hoax. >> we are pursuing every avenue and you know, it certainly is a possibility. >> reporter: the coast guard received two distressed calls late sunday from a man who said his boat was sinking. he said there were two adults and two children on board. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are bobbing shift. this is the "charm." we're abandoning ship. >> reporter: no one reported these four people missing. the coast guard can't find any record of "the charm blow." >> it's like going into a burning building as a firefighter. you don't do it unless you have to. it would be disappointing. >> reporter: while the active search in the water is over, the coast guard says they will continue to investigate the legitimacy of this distress call that came in
the drivers ready for this change is underway. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from the toll plaza to explain what's happening. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon, the golden gate district just announced the new website today. here is a sneak peek. it lays out all of your payment options for you, fastrack, license plate or pay a toll invoice. that's really the interesting option here. that's because instead of paying for a violation notice which is typically about $25, you will only be paying $6 instead. now, for the toll, you will have 21 days to pay the cost, and again, it's only going to be $6. this morning, crews were installing the l.e.d. signs on the golden gate bridge. all of the cameras and fastrack boards have been in place for years. the district says since it first announced the new all- electronic payment system, nearly 160 people have signed up online. richard brown and his wife are visiting from maryland and they were excited about the invoice option because it cuts back on traffic. >> actually, in the long run, it makes sense. we plan to come back next
a minute ago, we know that community members who witnessed this incident helped us put pieces of the puzzle together and ultimately find out why this occurred. it's for us to learn what occurred and how could we prevent this from happening in the future. it's also to help us learn to train internally as to what we can do to better equip ourselves to protect the citizens of this community. and lastly, it's to bring to or what would have been the ultimate prosecution of the suspect responsible in this case. [ stand for captions [ transitioning capsers ] >>> we want to speak to every single person that has something to help us gain and understanding of what happened yesterday. the other contact is a monday through friday 8:00 to 5:00 telephone number. 831-454-2311. i'm gonna take some very brief questions now. [the question is inaudible] >> he's been with the department for decades and was eligible to retire but i don't know what his intentions were. [the question is inaudible] >> the purpose of our question is to find out which weapons he used. at the scene of his death, he possessed three we
joins us live outside the courthouse to explain what happened today, claudine? >> reporter: well, the hearing was quick. it only lasted about 30 minutes, tori. now that's all -- now all that's left for barry bonds is to sit and wait for this panel of judges to make a decision. >> the united states of america versus barry bonds. >> reporter: a lot of legal arguments were made this morning in front of this three- judge panel all trying to answer the question did barry bonds obstruct justice when he testified before a grand jury back in 2003. his attorney argues the government case comes down to one question about his childhood friend and personal trainer greg anderson. the question was did greg ever give you anything that required a syringe to inject yourself with. bonds answer focused on his friendship with anderson and his celebrity child status. >> why couldn't he answer that with a yes or no? >> he did. he did three times, your honor. on page 48 and 49, ausa says you satisfied me. we've covered this but i'm going to ask you one more time, were you given anything to inject yours
. it happened less than two hours ago. ktvu's david stevenson joins us live from the scene. we understand there are injuries. >> reporter: that's right. they have just started moving the cable car out of the way, cable car 25. it's an active investigation going on right now with muni workers and the san francisco police department investigating what went wrong with cable car 25 that sent passengers to the hospital. take a look at this video. this happened at about 10:18 this morning. police say the packed cable car was proceeding down powell street. it had just crossed washington street when it stopped short, slamming passengers and crews into windows and each other. one passenger was ejected into the street. >> the cable car was coming down here southbound and it had about 50 passengers on board. when it hit a bolt in the middle of the roadway, it stopped the car dead. we lost one person off of the vehicle, female fell off, hurt her leg. >> the people crashing into each other, and then i, i, i hear scream. >> reporter: that was one of a number of tourists riding on the cable car during t
and then they are hoping to get the sketch drown up and released to us this or mover. campus police are telling women to be aware of your surroundings and we took aware -- be aware of your surroundings and be aware of attacks. >>> they are looking for women walking alone in the early morning hours, jaun tack took place last month and this month. in each case, a man suddenly started punching them before running away. >>> hundreds of street lights in san jose will soon be turned back on. in 2008, the city decided to shut off lights to save money they had to choose between continuing to work on signal repairs or darkening the streets. they included the big year budget report inn which includes street appearance an addresses safety concerns. >> it was scary at the bus stop with no lights there. >> most of the lights are had turned back on but most are in residential neighborhoods. >>> a crash killed a man suspected of stealing of end much visit. >> a high-speed chase, the 21- year-old driver of this stolen ford expedition was -- expedition was killed when it careened over the road. a truck pulled the suv
of a serious crime where several cars were burned. new at noon, ktvu's sal castanedo joins us live from oakland to explain what's happened there now. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this is the tree set on fire just a few weeks ago. just a few yards up the street here, this is the tree set on fire last night. there was a car parked here. it caught fire as well. residents say someone is intentionally setting trees on fire and that has them worried about what will happen next about two weeks ago, someone set these trees on fire on nicole street. this is cell phone video. in that fire, several cars and power lines were damaged. last night, two more trees were set on fire, one in the front and the other on the side. we spoke to a man who heard the commotion. >> the first thing i see when i step out is just flames around my car. you see my car. the only car parked there. it was too late. i couldn't do anything to move the car or anything. i just stood there and watched until the firefighters come in and started spraying the trees. >> reporter: lieu iz hernandez says -- lewis
thank you so much. join us monday. have a great weekend. see you monday. [applause] . >>> investigation is underway from a subscriber of a local newspaper. and plus the 49ers are now on their way home. . >>> complete bay area coverage stats right now. this is the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >>> a dead body was found here. nobody would feel safe if it happened in their town or city. >> reporter: fairfield police are canvassing the streets looking for answers in the death of a 13-year-old girl. i am torii campbell, the city of fairfield is mourning the death of a 13-year-old girl killed three days ago and they went to the school where she was a student. it must be a tough day there. >> reporter: it is a tough day here and as you can see this is the growing memorial of flowers and teddy bears and candles for this 13-year-old girl and it has shaken the community no question. they are pretty silent in terms of any information on this death being released but the latest is coming up and fairfield police will layout any possible leads in this case. the 13-year-old student
were. authorities also told us that he was wearing sergeant baker's body armor when he was shot by officers. all of this is disturbing for the community and fellow officers to hear. >> butch and i started together in '85. he was just before me. i started here in santa cruz in '85 and we worked together for nearly 25 years. >>reporter: i know it must be tough. >> it's very difficult. >>reporter: right now you're looking at a live picture. it appears that they are taking questions from the media from the fire department, which was involved in aiding santa cruz police in this investigation. i also wanted to let you know that santa cruz police department is working on trying to plan a memorial for these officers. they're working with both of the families and were supposed release details on when it will be coming up at a news conference scheduled for 3 this afternoon. >>> details continue to emerge about the man accused of killing the two detectives from the santa cruz police department. this is video from a 2007 court appearance in oregon before goulet moved to santa cruz. acquain
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